The Story of a “Girl”- Part 2

Continued.. Read Part 1: The Story of a ‘GIRL’- Part 1 She is 16.  Akuti is now a teenage and she faces a lot of challenges everyday and everywhere. Outside or inside home, doesn't matter. Things are now changed. Parents still love her but there is always a sign of worry on their head. Dad knows, …

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The Story of a ‘GIRL’- Part 1

This is the story of a girl born in Indian family. What it would be? Girl or a boy? The first question asked by anyone. Oh its a baby girl!! When a baby girl is born in India people say, ‘ghar mein Lakshmi aayi hai’.  Holding the hands of that baby girl, her dad would be whispering …

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The Indian Girlfriend

By Aakash Sinha Having a girlfriend pretends to make a guy different from others. Well, I am talking about India where teenagers are really fanatic of making girlfriends. They will do everything what they can never do for others. They will fight, create scenes, try to be special in a mob and also display a …

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