The Story of a “Girl”- Part 2

Continued.. Read Part 1: The Story of a ‘GIRL’- Part 1 She is 16.  Akuti is now a teenage and she faces a lot of challenges everyday and everywhere. Outside or inside home, doesn't matter. Things are now changed. Parents still love her but there is always a sign of worry on their head. Dad knows, …

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The Story of a ‘GIRL’- Part 1

This is the story of a girl born in Indian family. What it would be? Girl or a boy? The first question asked by anyone. Oh its a baby girl!! When a baby girl is born in India people say, ‘ghar mein Lakshmi aayi hai’.  Holding the hands of that baby girl, her dad would be whispering …

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Two faces of a Human

By Aakash Sinha Walking on a lonely road, everyone does that.But wait! The road i am talking about is different. It's ironical. In childhood days my mother used to hold  my  hands on road initiating a feeling of protection inside my mind. Time changes. A child can never be always a child. Life teaches a …

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