A Glimpse Of Time

It passes with every moment. There is no one to stop those tickling of a clock. It will never end. Unlike humans, there is no destination for time. I am sharing a thought that hits my mind most of the time. Why do we need time? We need time to make note of our work. …

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The Story of a “Girl”- Part 2

Continued.. Read Part 1: The Story of a ‘GIRL’- Part 1 She is 16.  Akuti is now a teenage and she faces a lot of challenges everyday and everywhere. Outside or inside home, doesn't matter. Things are now changed. Parents still love her but there is always a sign of worry on their head. Dad knows, …

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The Story of a ‘GIRL’- Part 1

This is the story of a girl born in Indian family. What it would be? Girl or a boy? The first question asked by anyone. Oh its a baby girl!! When a baby girl is born in India people say, ‘ghar mein Lakshmi aayi hai’.  Holding the hands of that baby girl, her dad would be whispering …

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Climate Change: Earth in Danger

Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority– Bill Gates. The temperature of Bengaluru is rising. Maharashtra is facing drought. Glaciers of Arctic and Antarctica are undergoing reduction. European countries are going to face flood like situation by 2020. Sea levels will rise. …

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Some amazing facts about Science Fiction

Trivia about classic science-fiction In this post, we thought we’d share some of our favourite facts about science fiction, SF, sci-fi, call it what you will – partly because the world of science fiction has given the world some truly visionary writers but also some funny stories and curious facts. So, if you’re ready to […] …

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Indian Reservation System: My views

Reservation! As the word is uttered we see mixed reactions from the people of India. Why not? Eligible ones have a big smile on their face, for others it is just an Indian political tradition that must go on. Not a single aspect is left without the controversial word “Caste Reservation”. Education, scholarship, jobs, promotions- …

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The Kannada New Year: Ugadi

India, the country of traditions and rituals has a unique place in the world. Its culture and diversity doesn’t have any replica on this Earth. New Year day is celebrated on 1st January all over the world. But, in India people also celebrate New Year day on the basis of the calendar ( Solar and …

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Tulsi: Medically sacred leaves

Tulsi or Holy Basil is a consort of god Vishnu in Hindu Mythology. Also, it serves as an Ayurvedic remedy for a lot of common ailments.

WHITE AS SNOW — Enchanted Forests

Spectacular Ladakh via WHITE AS SNOW — Enchanted Forests

Two faces of a Human

By Aakash Sinha Walking on a lonely road, everyone does that.But wait! The road i am talking about is different. It's ironical. In childhood days my mother used to hold  my  hands on road initiating a feeling of protection inside my mind. Time changes. A child can never be always a child. Life teaches a …

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