What do you think?

Have you ever been to a situation when you are confused? A situation when you have to choose one from the given two options. Every soul must have gone through this torture of emotion. The option given may vary. It can be a commodity. It can be food items. It can be an ice-cream flavor. Many a times it is your partners’ dress. These all can be chosen but what if you have to choose between two people. It is the selection between the two most important person in your life. One is best friend  and another is your boyfriend/girlfriend. Whom will you reject?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Well, i am just assuming it. I will narrate a small story to get the answer.

There were two girls. Both were best friends’ to each other. Friendship was not older than their age but precisely they were school time friends. To understand the story ,character plot is important. Ananya and Niharika were the two girls. Niharika was like of super modern culture. She has a belief that,”Change should always be the part of life”. Maybe, she would have read this line in textbook but she failed to understand its moral essence. How? We will see later. Ananya, the second girl. She was sweet and simple. She only wanted her life to be happy. She was cultured and belonged to a traditional type family. Ananya was in love with a boy. The boy is very loyal to her and is very serious in relationship. He wants to spend his remaining life with Ananya and will keep her damn happy. The boy had a habit of asking about his girfriends’ life. Ananya was determined that she only want one boy in his life. The boy also had the same determination.

Lets see Niharika’s life. She had a boyfriend for one month or two. So she was like,” I have got one life, i will kiss as many boys i can”. No relation with her personal life. She can do whatever she wants. This girl interpreted the caring attitude of boy to the doubting nature. She told Ananya, “He is not good guy. He always wants to know the happenings of your life. Leave him“. Ananya was influenced by Niharika. Do partners don’t have the right to know about the sagas each other’s life? Ananya felt bad but didn’t left his partner. But, now she started opposing his boyfriend. She was knowing that Niharika is jealous of her good life. These things screwed Ananya’s mind and she started thinking like her. Her mind was poisoned.

Niharika is trying to break the sweet relationship everyday and Ananya has to choose one of them. Help Ananya to choose between his boyfriend and her best friend.

Comment your opinion.



7 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. HP

    If a girl can’t value a relationship, she is no where stands to influence a girl for leaving her boyfriend. Possessiveness lies in extreme love , when your partner has a friend like Niharika

    Liked by 1 person

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