The Story of a “Girl”- Part 2


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She is 16.

 Akuti is now a teenage and she faces a lot of challenges everyday and everywhere. Outside or inside home, doesn’t matter. Things are now changed. Parents still love her but there is always a sign of worry on their head. Dad knows, “His daughter will always choose correct choices in her life”. But what happens if she fails? What happens if she chose wrong option? This is not the end of the problem. Mom also loves her. She thinks, ” what happens if Akuti’s decision is right and some external energy tries to make her decision wrong?”. Now its the daughters turn to stand on the expectations of their parents.

Akuti goes to school. She is in grade-12 studying Science from a reputed school in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. In India there is a big problem. Many students come from villages of India which are not so modern. There are places where still girls and boys can’t talk. So people from this background also studies or works in a small organization of the same city. Here we witness a mind gap. Akuti is a young girl. Although, she wears a school dress (salwar suit) but still those boys stares at her as if they will eat her.

At 7 am, they stand near the gate of the school and rest you know. Akuti notices this. Next day the same phenomena was continuing but this time she went near the gate to interact with these guys. I forgot to tell you, ‘” Akuti is a open-minded girl”. Don’t take the word ‘open‘ in a negative way. She was just approaching the gate and they started being stressed out. Don’t laugh but when she was there, they were not there. They ran away. Now i want to ask a question. Why people run from a situation? Only when they are wrong. Everyone must have understood.

Now exams were approaching. Both the exams, academic and entrance exam for the engineering college as she wanted to be a computer engineer. Akuti was busy in studies, getting all the scoldings of mom and dad. Exams were over and she was waiting for the results.

There was boy named ‘Chirag’ who was a classmate of Akuti. Both were friends but after the exams they started talking on social networking sites. They became very good friends. Actually they became very close friends. Results were out. Akuti scored very good marks as well as she also qualified the entrance exam.

She is 18.

She got admission in a reputed engineering college in Bangalore, Karnataka. Chirag was in contact but what will happen now? Will she be in contact with his close friend? Or she will move forward?

To be continued…



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