The Story of a ‘GIRL’- Part 1

This is the story of a girl born in Indian family.

What it would be? Girl or a boy? The first question asked by anyone.

Oh its a baby girl!! When a baby girl is born in India people say, ‘ghar mein Lakshmi aayi hai’.  Holding the hands of that baby girl, her dad would be whispering to her cute daughter’s ears, “you are the best thing I have ever created”. Really that day is “the day”. Most auspicious and one of the happiest days for a family. Mind gets confused. They are happy but crying. May be,”Tears of happiness”. She will be called as “Akuti”, father utters in a trembling voice.

She starts growing up. The baby doll learns sign languages as all kid do to indicate her hunger, comfort etc. The new child starts observing the world with her own eyes. She can make anyone smile, can make anyone cry. She awakes and she sleeps. Every expression of that sweet child is lived by mom. Dad closes his eyes but don’t be in dilemma, he would be monitoring each and every activity of his baby. Both parents take a very good care of their sweetie. Akuti, dad calls. She responds to her father’s voice. Seeing this there is an eternal and internal happiness for any dad. She smiles then she speaks “maa”. This could be the happiest day for a mother. Parents are happier than the child. Isn’t this happened with you?

She is 3.

She starts going to school. The burden of duties on mumma’s head reaches to a high peak. Like every mother she wakes up her child, prepare breakfast, dress up her girl and all. Akuti talks to her mumma. She tells about her whole day. Days passes, Akuti becomes older. Birthday after birthday. Celebrations after celebrations. Gifts after gifts. This phase of relationship goes on very smoothly because the sweet and cute girl agrees to all the things what mom and dad says. But what happens next?

Akuti is 16.

To be continued…..



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