Two faces of a Human

By Aakash Sinha

Walking on a lonely road, everyone does that.But wait! The road i am talking about is different. It’s ironical. In childhood days my mother used to hold  my  hands on road initiating a feeling of protection inside my mind. Time changes. A child can never be always a child.

Life teaches a lesson every second. Every moment begets some new experience. What we need to do? Hold on. We need to rethink. We need to ask questions. Why that happened? If a boy laughs at me. I need to be clear.That was my mistake or that boy is a fool. Many such decisions that we take are a part of our learning. And this time we will have to protect ourselves.

Roads have pebbles, flowers, trees etc. Some makes the way difficult and a few easy. Similarly our journey  has a lot of constraints. One of them looks like us. They talk like us.They eat like us. But they are different. They are ‘Humans’ with multi behavior personality. They are good in front of you and better enemy at the backstage.

Identifying these type of species is really difficult because they are among us.The wheel of time always revolves. With the passage of time, the mask of these ‘alienated humans’ starts coming out. How will we recognize them?

Everyone must have came across “the two faces of human”. Friendship  is the best way to indulge in others life. All friends are not real, some are fake. Always peeking for a chance to make some profit of friendship, they are really good at that. Profit in the sense can be big or small , completely depends upon the mindset of the ‘alienated humans’. I will give you some examples.

Just suppose you have hosted a party. That multi behavior  person( who never talked frequently ) will try to show that, he/she is the best person you ever had in your life.Be away from their old stories. I am sure they will do that. Another instance, Just imagine that you are in a big event with your alienated friend and only one of you is permitted to perform. You are better than your friend. But it hardly matters. You are already knowing who will perform. The most common situation to find these people is when you are at a ‘high post’. In school time- if you are a class leader, college days- if you got some responsible tasks, and during office days- if you are the boss. Listen! If you are rich, you are the most vulnerable person.

These are some of the examples. There are many. By now, your mind must have identified the fake faces. What you are waiting for? Make them feel their original identity.

Don’t fear the enemy that attacks you, but the fake friend that hugs you.

If someone approaches for friendship, be alert. Try to reason yourself. If there are any instances that happened with you related to these species, do share in comments. I will feel pleasure to respond you.




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