The Indian Girlfriend

By Aakash Sinha

Having a girlfriend pretends to make a guy different from others. Well, I am talking about India where teenagers are really fanatic of making girlfriends. They will do everything what they can never do for others. They will fight, create scenes, try to be special in a mob and also display a  cool attitude, so called ‘STUD’ .

Why they do all these things? Attraction. They want to become noticeable among girls. If you have not observed, you should do it next time. “The metabolism efficiency of a guy rises to infinity in front his girl.” But what happens after a guy gets his X-factor.

One month will be just like a heaven.No one will be above her. No parents, No friends, Nothing. There will be only that “Girl” revolving around the cerebrum, cerebellum and medulla of the human brain. Promises are very important part of this relationship.”We will always be together”, is one of the famous lines. Both will be watching their phone before as well as after sleeping. Nights will be sleepless.

But what happens after that heaven period? The Hell part enters in life. All love will start fading day by day. Both will start pointing out their mistakes telling them, “you have made my life hell.” She will say to him, ” Don’t sleep, Talk to me”. The same guy will feel these words as a curse which was very sweet in starting days. Fights will again start. This time with the girl. Both will accuse each other.

Doubt. Mainly girls do that but boys are also not behind in this arena. Questions like, where are you? With whom are you? One will have to face. If the guy is online on whats app or Facebook at night(for his work) , next day the series of question would be waiting for him.The situation is very difficult now. What to wear and what not to wear, all are decided by the companions.

So if you have a girlfriend or even you are married, you must be facing these things.

Just ask them, How is your relationship? They will say “perfect”. No one is permitted to know about stuffs happening between them. These fights, doubts and other stuffs are parts of love life. No relation can have all things good in it. Both of them will face a lot of difficulties in carrying that relationship but they will carry. They still love each other .

We fight with those people only whom we love. Well, I am talking about verbal fights that is very common in Indian households.

In India,the divorce count is very low compared to other countries.




10 thoughts on “The Indian Girlfriend

      1. True.. I wish love finding was in my priority list now 🙂 but sadly its not.. Am still tryna work on myself and career. establish myself basically. but i hope when true love finds me, i did be worthy

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